About Us

CycleIntelligence, Inc. is a world leader in advanced, quant-based time-cycle forecasting of pricing and trends of global financial instruments (bonds, indexes, equities) specifically tailored for institutional traders, investors and time-sensitive reporting by financial analysts.

CycleIntelligence, Inc. provides customers with access to a powerful forecasting algorithm, unique in the financial industry, whereby a highly reliable forecast can be generated for most any equity, index, bond or other financial instrument. These forecasts provide a probable outcome of pricing movement based on the Company's proprietary forecasting algorithms.

CycleIntelligence-generated forecast studies help determine entry and exit points for trades and/or positions that have a higher probability of success, as well as providing a likely trading range for the underlying security.

The studies are based on finding sinusoidal time cycles using a series of algorithms to discover the short-term, medium-term, and long-term cycles that have been the most persistent and profitable over time and synthesizing these into a composite forecast. Out-of-sample studies are also calculated to show the efficacy of the forecast over the past 90 days.

CycleIntelligence's design and development team is steeped in complex and advanced mathematical computational methodologies. The programming acumen of the team, combined with the depth of financial forecasting mathematics knowledge is truly world-class.

The result of the CycleIntelligence's design and development is a service that provides the customer with actionable information that significantly increase the probability of success in the timing of trades. This service allows customers to see the next 90 day forecast for any ticker, any time.

CycleIntelligence, Inc. is headquartered in Austin, TX. For more information and/or a press kit, please contact Tom at 888-455-9584.